Depending on your dreams and goals for retirement, your plans may include a relocation. In addition to the physical move and search for a new home, there are unseen factors to take into consideration. Here is a look at some of the best and worst states for retirement. Reviewing this data from 2021 may sway your decision for retirement relocation. 


Best States for Retirement

Here are the states that topped the 2021 list based on retirement trends. Each state has special benefits and drawbacks, which are touched on here. Your retirement criteria may differ from those polled for these surveys. 



Aside from the temperate climate, Georgia made a list of the best places to retire based on the low cost of living. Housing costs are still relatively low, and taxes are preferential for retirees. Georgia also boasts a mix of urban, country, and coastal living options. 



There is no surprise to see the Sunshine State on the top three best states for retirees. Since more than 20 percent of the population is retirement age, the culture offers a variety of specialty services and recreation activities for retirees. Housing rates range from affordable condos to luxury mansions.



Tennessee has much to offer residents. The Volunteer State boasts the lowest cost of living in the nation, making it easy to retire on a limited budget. Citizen culture is friendly, and the priority to focus on health and wellness could mean new opportunities for retirees. 


Worst States for Retirement

The data from 2021 recognizes some states that make it tough to enjoy retirement. Your situation is unique and may or may not align with the criteria used in the study. 



High tax rates and the rising cost of living are major drawbacks here. Housing costs are well above the national average, making it difficult for fixed-income retirees to adapt.



Although the state has beautiful landscapes, Minnesota ranked low on retirement destinations. The high cost of living and less than ideal weather were contributing factors. 



The landlocked prairie state does not have much to offer retirees. While it is slightly more affordable, the wellness and culture are not largely geared toward retirement-aged residents.