About Penn Credit Corporation

Based in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Penn Credit Corporation exists as a nationwide accounts receivables management firm. Active for over three decades, Penn Credit has successfully recovered money for a number of clients by espousing a specific set of values. Through every transaction and decision Penn Credit makes, they commit themselves to be ethical, reliable, responsive, respectful and exceptional. 

Penn Credit lends itself to providing the highest quality work through its full-service approach. The company’s knowledgeable and well-trained collection specialists represent each client in accordance with all local, state and federal regulations. Penn Credit offers its clients 30+ years of experience in receivables management and outsourcing services. Through these third-party collection services, the firm also provides robust compliance and quality assurance programs, user-friendly payment options for consumers, customizable reporting and expansive operations fit to serve any project size.

To this day, Penn Credit Corporation continues to provide stellar service and innovative plans which meet and exceed clients’ expectations. Lending itself to a multitude of markets, Penn Credit works with clients across fields such as healthcare, higher education, government and more to efficiently recover money owed to clients. In addition to the firm’s third-party collection services and outsourcing services, Penn Credit also offers a small balance recovery, a favorable option for companies or individuals needing to collect small payments owed to them. Through Penn Credit’s propriety collection system, FUSION, the firm has also made it possible for the seamless and efficient recovery of funds.

Being recognized for its commitment to providing complex services and client solutions, Penn Credit Corporation has been awarded on multiple occasions. In 2018, Penn Credit was the recipient of the esteemed All In Award by the American Collectors Association (ACA) International in recognition of the firm’s significant contributions to the collection industry.

Penn Credit prides itself on having resources available to devise a customized receivables management solution that will fit each clients’ specific needs. All in all, Penn Credit Corporation is dedicated to the needs of its clients, community and industry partners. 

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