There are numerous avenues in the financial sector that a career might take. However, the industry generally encompasses three categories which are corporate, personal, and public. Venturing into a financial career begins with obtaining a bachelor’s degree. The four years of education received enables graduates to pursue an entry-level position in the world of finance. But, a degree earned from one college or university does not necessarily compare to a degree acquired from another institution. Thus, students must choose wisely. 

University of Florida
The institution tops the list for students desiring to earn a bachelor’s of science degree in business administration. Some of the many required curriculum courses include business finance, international business, principles of marketing, and statistics for business decisions. Advanced coursework includes communication, public speaking, and argumentative writing. Students also have the opportunity to complete an internship. Upon completion of the requirements, students are eligible to enter a graduate program geared toward business, law, or public administration. 

Ohio State University
The Columbus-based university has more than one option for earning a bachelor’s degree in finance. Some of the selection of courses are found under the categories of business law, human resources, international business, and management. The campus’ Fisher College of Business requires coursework that includes accounting principles, corporate finance, economics principles, global finance, financial data, investments, and statistics. Upon completing the required studies, students may request membership in the Buckeye Capital Investors, the Risk Management Association, or the Undergraduate Finance Association. 

Western Carolina University
The university situated in North Carolina enables students to earn a bachelor’s degree in business administration by attending the Cullowhee or the Asheville campus. Students also have the option of completing coursework online. The university offers undergraduate and graduate business degrees in more than 17 aspects of the business and finance field. Some of the required curricula include banking finance, general finance, and personal finance, in addition to financial planning. If choosing to enter the financial planning sector of the industry, students have the opportunity to apply for certification via exam and join the Finance Club, which has a portfolio and makes trips to the New York Stock Exchange.